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Legal bloggers you should be following

30th October 2014

Legal Bloggers

A lawyer’s education is never done. Few sectors change as frequently and are as competitive as the legal profession. Besides CPD courses and keeping up to date with the latest changes to the law and its role in the news and media, lawyers must also keep abreast of the work of other lawyers and firms.

Legal blogs are a great way of learning relevant information and news for your profession whilst hearing from those currently holding, or having previously held, law careers. Following legal blogs can not only benefit your current role, but also help when entering the legal recruitment process if you can demonstrate an understanding of what others in the field are talking about, so you can better illustrate your passion for the job and understanding of the current attitude to certain cases.

Here we have collated a selection of legal bloggers you should be following right now, who can offer an alternative perspective on current issues and fresh insight into legal matters that directly affect your profession.

The Barrister Blog

The Barrister Blog from non-practising barrister, blogger and writer Tim Kevan is regarded as a strong blog to follow if you’re in the profession. The blog is well maintained and offers book recommendations as well as regular tips and advice that would be of interest to practising lawyers. As the author of a number of legal books himself, including Law and Peace and its sequel Law and Disorder, and with his experience as a practising London barrister of 10 years, Kevan’s writing style is informative and well founded.

His latest book Law and Disorder is based on Kevan’s other blog BabyBarista, a fictional account following the life of a junior barrister practicing at the English Bar. The book has been called “a cross between The Talented Mr Ripley, Rumpole and Bridget Jones’s Diary” by The Times.

The Barrister Blog

Here Kevan offers his advice for aspiring lawyers.

"The bar is a great profession to be entering. It can be hard work, particularly at the start but it's well worth the effort. It's intellectually stimulating and can be very enjoyable, particularly at court. But what I enjoyed above all was the independence of the bar and the ability to organise your time on your own terms."

  • Tim Kevan, author of the BabyBarista books 'Law and Disorder' and 'Law and Peace'

Head of Legal

Another blogger of interest is Carl Gardner, barrister and blogger of Head of Legal. Gardner worked as a government lawyer for a period of 12 years and now regularly publishes informative and interesting blog posts on topical issues within law.

Head of Legal looks to explain developments in law and the law behind the news. Individuals of all professions, from company secretary roles to non-lawyers, often show an interest as he aims to explain and write on topics that are not necessarily targeted at a legal audience, but instead for those interested in law developments. The blog covers everything from parliament and the Prime Minister to human rights, to name just a few recent topics of conversation, while the blog also has many links to further resources of interest including podcasts and other top legal bloggers.

Head of Legal

The IPKat

Those with an interest in Intellectual Property should be sure to be following The IPKat, which regularly posts on matters of interest to IP lawyers. Covering copyright, patent, trade mark, info-tech and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective, the contributing bloggers cover a wide range of topics and relevant news stories. Established in 2003 and initially targeting Intellectual Property law students in London, the blog has since grown, becoming a useful source of material for IP owners, practitioners, judges, students and administrators.

The IPKat


The LegalChap blog from practising solicitor Michael Williamson offers a genuine account of real legal cases that lawyers can relate to and learn from. His personalised style of writing makes the blog effortlessly readable whilst engaging, and depicts clearly the everyday issues faced by lawyers. 

The eloquent posts from this blogger make for an interesting read for anyone in the profession, particularly those working for smaller firms and working in dispute resolution, employment and personal injury services.


These are just a handful of the great blogs that lawyers should be following at this moment. If you think we have missed a particularly important blogger or you keep a blog yourself, feel free to share it with us on Twitter.

Image Credits: Sebastian Wiertz (, The Barrister Blog, Carl Gardner (, Legal Chap