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Legal aid takes up more London law jobs

4th November 2014

Pro Bono work is up by 14 per cent among today’s lawyers

Solicitors have taken to filling the legal aid void after government cuts leave the legal sector no choice but to step in and up the value of pro bono work across private sectors. In a move to provide better access to justice, solicitors have increased the level of pro bono work this year.

Those in London law firm jobs and solicitors across the country are now finding that pro bono work is now up by 14 per cent on last year, with this article finding the total annual value of pro bono work across all private practices equating to £601m, compared to the £528m recorded the year before.

Research from the Law Society found that 40 per cent of all solicitors asked had undertaken at least an hour of pro bono work in the previous year, with an average worked out of 52 hours each. As National Pro Bono Week gets underway, taking place between the 3rd and the 7th November 2014, these figures highlight the breadth and impact of such work carried out by lawyers.

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