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Legal aid boycott suspended by lawyers nationwide

25th August 2015

Lawyers suspend legal aid boycott

Despite the dispute not being settled, lawyers have decided to immediately suspend their nationwide legal aid boycott.

The protest had lasted for over 50 days but has now finished, meaning those in lawyer jobs in the UK will be settling for reduced solicitor fees that accompany legal aid work.

An article on The Law Society Gazette revealed that after meetings with the Ministry of Justice to talk about the cut in legal aid fees, the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association and London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association decided to stop the protest “as a gesture of goodwill”.

A statement by The Ministry of Justice read, “There are many challenges ahead and the engagement to date is a sign that those challenges can be debated constructively in a receptive atmosphere.”

Law firms have been protesting against the cuts since July, after solicitor fees were reduced by 8.75 per cent for the second year in a row.

Image Credit: EmiliaUngur (Shutterstock)