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Law firms looking up with revenue rise

22nd April 2014

Top 20 law firms have predicted a five per cent rise in revenues for the end of this yearWhile the celebratory champagne glasses are not clinking just yet, the UK’s top 20 firms have reported a prediction of a turnover increase of five per cent for the end of the financial year April 2014. The increase in revenue is thought to be as a result of an increase in workload, rather than a more relaxed attitude to pricing, but the result is still an improvement on previous years. 

As the country feels the benefit of an economic recovery, those in London and UK legal jobs are feeling the benefit of a more positive business outlook for the future.

While commercial pressures were still felt in 2013/14, there has also been an increase in revenue in which the expected rise is set to be in line with that of the first six months of the current financial year, according to the figures reported in this article.

Predictions for the end of the financial year are comparatively more positive than they were at the start as it turns out to be what has been described as a relatively good year, with firms just outside of the top 20 also reporting positive forecasts.

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