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Last minute Christmas gifts for the lawyer in your life

12th December 2017

Christmas is nearly upon us and many of us are still rushing around, trying to purchase gifts for our friends and loved ones. There are many great ideas out there, depending of course on the person in question. But how about presents for those who are working jobs as lawyers? Those in the legal profession need gifts too after all, so take a look below at our guide of last minute Christmas gifts for the lawyer in your life.

Gifts for those who love to read

The Ouija Board Jurors: Mystery, Mischief and Misery in the Jury System

Ouija board jurors book

Waterside Press, who publish books and works of interest across the legal system, recommend buying The Ouija Board Jurors: Mystery, Mischief and Misery in the Jury System for a lawyer.

“The Ouija board jury incident of 1994 is one of the most disconcerting in English legal history, possibly (says the author) ‘the nadir of reported juror misbehaviour in the 20th-century’.”

This full length treatment of the situation delves into the facts and the constitutional dilemma of investigating this bizarre case of jury misbehaviour.

Delusions of Innocence: The Tragic Case of Stefan Kiszko

Delusions of innocence book

Waterside Press also suggest picking up Delusions of Innocence: The Tragic Case of Stefan Kiszko.

This book by Michael O’Connell regards the case of Stefan Kiszko and how his story “casts a dark shadow over British justice.”

The synopsis on Waterside Press begins: “Totally unconnected to the murder of which he was convicted—that of a young girl Lesley Molseed—he spent 16 years in prison tormented as a sex-offender and suffering from what one expert described as ‘delusions of innocence’.”

Lizzie Borden and the Massachusetts Axe Murders

The next recommendation by Waterside Press is a book titled Lizzie Borden and the Massachusetts Axe Murders.

“The case of Lizzie Borden is one of the most infamous in criminal history having spawned songs, plays and a range of publications. It also ranks as one of the most puzzling,” the synopsis reads.

In this book, Ronald Bartle revisits the events which saw Borden acquitted of the axe murders of her parents, only to then be ostracised by her local community. The case remains unsolved with no one else being charged for the murders.

Fields, Fens and Felonies: Crime and Justice in Eighteenth-Century East Anglia

Field, fens and felonies book

The last book recommendation from Waterside Press comes in the form of Fields, Fens and Felonies: Crime and Justice in Eighteenth-Century East Anglia.

This book by Gregory J Durston brings to life the time of “highwaymen, footpads and desperate petty offenders, draconian penalties, extremes of wealth and poverty, corruption and rough and emerging forms of justice.”

This book provides a great insight into criminal and judicial procedure of the time, helping to paint a picture of what life was like in eighteenth century East Anglia.

The Patent Lawyer Magazine

Patent lawyer magazine

A magazine subscription is a great gift for anyone, so what makes a lawyer any different? Few lawyers wouldn’t appreciate a subscription to one of CTC Legal Media’s publications: The Patent Lawyer Magazine, The Trademark Lawyer Magazine, and The Copyright Lawyer Magazine.

All the magazines are published bi-monthly in hardcopy and electronically via the latest page-turning software and are read by over 12,000 patent professionals around the world. As the only purely patent-focused magazine distributed internationally in the market at the moment, its reputation is deservedly strong in the legal sector, making their subscription a safe gift choice.

Gifts for the joker

“Trust me, I’m a Lawyer” socks

lawyer socks

Who doesn’t like socks for Christmas? Socks are a truly traditional little gift during this time of year and this special pair from Not on the High Street is perfect for any lawyers in the family.

Both humorous and practical, these socks allow even those working the most serious of jobs to have a little fun in the process. Available in sizes 5 – 12, these are a soft and quality item.

And to make the present complete, they arrive in a gift box with tied ribbon and tag, saving you some time on that Christmas wrapping! Just remember to specify your custom message.

Legal advice dice

legal advice dice

Not only do lawyers dispense legal advice during their day job, often friends and family will approach them for some ‘free’ counselling outside of the office.

Well, to help lawyers navigate these moments in a fun way, Carbolic Smoke Ball (who specialise in law-themed gifts, operating in a number of countries) have a wonderful present idea.

Their Legal Advice Dice allow lawyers to roll for some simple advice, with each side of the dice revealing a different word which, when used in conjuncture with each other, can dispense that required legal advice!

Dice #1 contains the words: Do, Don't, Soon, Later, A.S.A.P., Now.

Dice #2 contains: Sue, Settle, Hedge, Beg, Ask Mum, Shoot.

This is a perfect Christmas present for the lawyer in your life and don’t worry if you are leaving your shopping to the last moment, as even orders placed with Carbolic Smoke Ball up to the 22nd of December will arrive in time.

Barrister rubber duck

Barrister rubber duck

These mini barrister rubber ducks from Carbolic are designed to be given to newly-qualified lawyers who are just beginning their journey into the profession and certainly make a fun gift come Christmas time.

Alternatively, as Carbolic suggest, one could buy a number of these barrister rubber ducks and enter them in a race at your firm’s summer party!

This fun little item is currently available for £5.99.

Lawyer Gift Apron

lawyer apron

Cafe Press sell a lawyer gift apron that is perfect for the lawyer who loves to cook.

The apron is 31 inches long by 29 inches wide and is therefore big enough to catch all the spills and spatters.

Offering convenient storage with two large pockets at the waist, the apron can also be professionally printed to include a unique design that everyone will smile at.

This great gift is currently available for just £20.00.

Billing bib

billing bib

The billing bib from Café Press is the perfect gift for any occasion, from a baby shower, to Mother’s Day and Christmas.

The 100% combed ring spun cotton jersey baby bibs are super soft and provide great coverage for all the spills of a little one.

You can also get a message printed on the bib so that it can be perfect for a baby boy or girl.

The bib is available for just £9.50.

Gifts for the office

Legal genius mug

legal genius mug

No matter if you’re playing a joke or being deadly serious, this ‘legal genius’ mug from Carbolic Smoke Ball is an ideal gift for anyone practicing law or studying to do so.

Made exclusively for Carbolic by the award winning Big Tomato Company, this is not only a wonderful Secret Santa idea but a pleasant vessel to drink from.

The ‘legal genius’ mug is available for £12.95.

P.A. stone paperweight

P.A. stone paperweight

Carbolic told us that this P.A. stone paperweight is an incredibly popular gift for lawyers to give to their P.A.s, being a wonderful way to show gratitude for their hard work at the end of the year.

It never hurts to butter up the staff a little and this resin stone paperweight with the inscription ‘Behind every successful lawyer is a brilliant P.A.’ is the perfect gift to show your thanks this Christmas.

Carbolic’s P.A. paperweight is currently priced at £12.95.

Smell of Litigation in the Morning mug

Smell of Litigation in the Morning mug

Available to buy on the Zazzle website, the Smell of Litigation in the Morning mug is a great gift to buy for a colleague who loves a warm brew first thing in the morning.

The ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and with Zazzle, you can create a photo mug or choose from a collection of funny law-related jokes and phrases.

There are 10 million designs to choose from in total!

Gifts for at home

Framed cartoons

lawyer cartoon


A great Christmas gift to be hung on the wall at home or even at the office: these framed cartoons from Carbolic are another very popular item and it’s not hard to see why.

There are a great variety of these cartoons available, each encapsulating the legal profession in a fun and humorous way.

If you want to put a smile on your favourite lawyer’s face this year, one of these designs, double mounted in a wooden and gilt frame, is a wonderful option.

Chess set for legal professionals

Chess set for legal professionals

Approach the Bench, a specialist gift retailer for lawyers, sell a magnetised supreme chess set.

Their chess sets are their most popular gift and it features iconic courtroom figures such as the King/Judge, Queen/Blind Justice, Bishops/Male and Female Solicitors, Knights/Bailiffs, Rooks/Courthouses and Pawns/Jurors.

The chess set is on a uniquely stepped board that resembles a bench and jury box and the sets can even be customised with up to two engraved plates for messages, the name of a firm, personal name, commemorative dates, logos and more.

The sets are the "Official chess set of the US Supreme Court Historical Society" and have been featured on television.

Wine bottle stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers

If you know a lawyer who likes their wine then a law-related wine bottle stopper is a great gift idea.

Approach the Bench’s second best seller is its wine bottle stopper, which is based on its chess pieces.

You can get a judge, blind justice, or a male or female solicitor figure, which all come in silver or gold colours.

Stainless steel travel mug

Stainless steel travel mug

If you know someone working in an in house legal job in London or a lawyer working in the capital who has to commute to work, then this stainless steel travel mug from Café Press is the perfect gift.

Sometimes a commute can take ages and instead of wasting money on buying a cup of tea or coffee at the train or underground station, this mug allows the user to make their favourite drink at home.

The insulated travel mug is built with durable double-wall stainless steel technology to keep a 16 oz. beverage hot or cold for hours.

It has a handy spill-resistant lid, is dishwasher safe and can be bought with a specific design.


Image Credit: Patent Lawyer Magazine, Waterside Press, Carbolic Smokeball, Zazzle, Approach the Bench, Café Press