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Judge says Welsh law has become a reality

12th August 2015

Laws applicable in Wales could be different from laws in England in the near future

His Honour Judge Milwyn Jarman QC has revealed that laws applicable in Wales could differ from laws in England in the future.

This news means that those in the legal sector in England and Wales should keep a close eye on any potential developments as lawyers and clients may be affected by any changes.

Speaking at a Law Society Annual Lecture, Jarman said, “To give just a few examples, the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 introduces a new regime of registration for landlords of private property in Wales. The Renting Homes Bill provides for a much-simplified system for renting private residences.”

The judge went further as he estimated that the demand for legal services in Wales will grow, which will come at a time when the number of lawyers and law firms in the country dwindles. With this potential demand outweighing the current number of legal professionals, it could mean that there is potential for there to be more solicitor and legal jobs available in Wales in the future.

Jarman also expects a lack of access to justice in the future as a result of legal aid cuts and reforms in civil proceedings, which he said has caused a few criminal lawyers to retrain in other areas.

Whether Wales gets a separate jurisdiction from England is still up for debate, but if it gets the green light, the current system is unlikely to change in the immediate future.

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