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Importance of law school grades reinforced

20th April 2012

An article on a leading business website has outlined the continuing importance of law students achieving good grades when studying for their degrees.

Interviewing a number of insiders from the legal industry, the piece focused especially on a law recruitment expert who recalled a recent incident when she was trying to place a senior tax lawyer with one of her clients. Although the solicitor in question had eighteen years of relevant experience to his name, the firm still requested to see details of how he had performed at university. According to the managing director, grades can often prove to be the deciding factor if a firm has to choose between one of two otherwise equally matched candidates for their vacancy.

Other people featured in the article, however, emphasised that there are more important things than grades which cannot be learnt at law school. One partner at a leading firm commented that the major difference between student and professional life was that fully qualified lawyers do not always have the benefit of work and deadlines being assigned directly to them. ‘Street smarts’, he said, were of just as much significance as ‘book smarts’.