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HTC victorious over Apple in infringement case

6th July 2012

Apple has suffered a major defeat after a long-running patent infringement case finally came to an end, with the High Court ruling in favour of competitor company HTC.

Both sides had hired a number of solicitors and barristers with some of the highest ranked intellectual property London lawyer jobs to represent them, but it was the Taiwan-based communications equipment giant that came out on top, meaning that the company’s products can continue to be sold in the UK.

It had been alleged by Apple that their rival manufacturers had unlawfully used four copyrighted technologies, but this was judged not to be the case; three of the patents were seen to be invalid and the fourth was not applicable to HTC products.

The most talked-about issue in this case surrounded Apple’s famous ‘slide-to-unlock’ feature. The company has already won similar actions against Motorola Mobility and Samsung earlier this year, but it was found that HTC’s use of the technology was actually based on one it had previously developed and used in one of their 2004 devices.