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Government face legal challenge following regulation change

26th January 2015

Calver Village

The government has recently made a change to the Section 106 regulation, which ensures that all new developments include a percentage of affordable homes for rent.

This means that smaller schemes are now not required to provide a percentage of affordable housing, which could mean that less people can afford to move homes or rent in certain areas. Derbyshire Dales District Council has stated that it would like to reinstate the former regulations in order for its residents to be able to afford to live in areas such as the Peak District.

Currently in the Derbyshire Dales, a person trying to secure an 80 per cent mortgage would have to earn more than £58,000, which isn’t a reality for many in the region. Therefore, if councils do decide to take action, it may be that those with housing and planning lawyer jobs are called in to assist, ensuring that affordable housing is still built, and that the Peak District does not turn into an “elderly rich ghetto”, as reported in this article.

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