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General Electric set for European legal panel review

29th October 2012

One of the world’s largest utility companies, General Electric (GE), have announced that they will shortly be conducting reviews of all their European legal panels, which may result in firms being dropped or added to their roster.

It is not known when those who are successful in retaining or earning new lawyer jobs with the group will be informed, but it is understood that several applications have now been submitted by those private practices vying for a place. This follows GE recently sending out a number of tender requests.

This will be the first time that GE have launched any sort of European review since they first set up their European mergers and acquisitions (M&A panel) around five years ago, with which some of the UK’s largest firms are involved.

The line-up of legal teams for other specific sectors, such as finance and real estate finance, will also be carefully considered as part of the process.