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Gay marriage goes to the polls in Ireland

22nd May 2015

Ireland is set to make history today as it puts the legalisation of gay marriage to the polls. Should it be approved, Ireland will become the first country to introduce gay marriage in a popular vote rather than through legislation or through the courts.

Opinion polls suggest that the law will be passed, but we will have to wait until after voting closes at 10pm tonight. While abortion is still illegal in traditionally Catholic Ireland, should a positive vote be the outcome of the polls it could mark a historic step for the country and see reconsideration of the laws surrounding other issues.

Over three million are entitled to vote on whether to insert the following clause into the institution, “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”

The first same-sex marriage in the UK took place in March 2014 and with LGBT representation within legal recruitment in the UK also proving more positive, as reported in this previous article, the LGBT community are hopeful for a positive vote in today’s poll.

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