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Female solicitors closing judicial gender gap

15th June 2012

New research from the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) has shown that female solicitors are beginning to close the gender gap when it comes to moving up to the role of judge.

Figures indicate that at least half of recently appointed judges have been women, even though female members in some cases made up as little as 19 per cent of the eligible pool of candidates.

The statistics, which apply to appointments made between October 2011 and March of this year, reveal that the majority of new judges were female in areas such as social entitlement and immigration, although the heavyweight crime circuit still shows a strong bias towards men, with women making up just 18 of these 126 posts.

Discussing the results, JAC chairman Christopher Stevens said that the changing judicial landscape ‘bodes well for the future’.

The news is sure to be of interest to legal recruitment agencies in London, who are always striving towards achieving better standards of equality within the law profession.