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Fake law firms double in two years

6th March 2015

It has been reported that the number of fake law firms have increased by 101 percent in the last two years. The report from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which regulates solicitors in England and Wales, recorded 701 reports of fake law firms in 2014, a figure that is up 352 on 2012.

These statistics are unlikely to be anything new to those in current practicing lawyer jobs in the UK, but it is certainly something that the public should be made aware of in order to prevent citizens from being targeted by such fake firms. These fake firms are being run by criminals trying to con their clients into thinking that they are genuine lawyers, costing the public both financially and emotionally.

These statistics, as reported by the BBC, highlight the shocking rise in the number of such fake firms where the more sophisticated examples show criminals posing as lawyers to work on cases and transactions worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. To ensure you are recruiting the services of a professional lawyer check that they are SRA regulated.

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