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Facebook forced to reveal names of cyber-bullies

12th June 2012

A London-based firm and a barrister with one of the top human rights legal jobs in the UK has forced Facebook to reveal the names of recognised cyber bullies.

The private practice successfully secured a Norwich Pharmacal order against the social networking website on behalf of Nicola Brookes, who was the victim of a particularly hostile online harassment campaign.

Brookes used Facebook to show her support for an X Factor contestant, Frankie Cocozza, which was greeted by a torrent of abuse from a number of internet ‘trolls’. The people in question set up a fake account in Brookes’ name, published her address and accused her of being a paedophile.

Once the defamation order is put in place, the email and IP addresses of the bullies will be released into the public domain, which should free the way for Brookes to launch a private action against those responsible for her distress.