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Euro law could be imposed after EU referendum

10th May 2016

A new Euro law could be imposed

As the EU referendum edges ever closer, a report has revealed that a new Euro law could be imposed on the UK if we stay in the EU.

According to an article on the Express website, EU chiefs are planning to create a “centralised” European prosecutor.

The plans would see a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) gaining powers to pursue British citizens and the new office could even be implemented as soon as this year.

According to Christopher Gill, who is the president of The Freedom Association, it will undermine the UK legal system. He added that as soon as the UK votes to remain within the European Union the process of building a uniform European legal system will begin. This would change the landscape of the law for law firms and in-house lawyers in the UK.

On the Parliament website it says that if the EPPO is created it will become a body of the Union and will be responsible for investigating, prosecuting and bringing judgement to criminals in ‘offences affecting the financial interests of the Union as broadly defined’. Prosecution would take place in member states. The EPPO would be headed by a central European Public Prosecutor (EPP) and in each member state there would be at least one European Delegated Prosecutor (EDP). National authorities would be under an obligation to assist and support the EPPO.

Some legal experts have said the fact the UK has signed up to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) scheme means the EU can potentially order the detention of British citizens.

Mr Gill, added, “If you take away English common law and habeus corpus we’re no longer a free people. The European Arrest Warrant is the tip of a huge iceberg. If we vote to stay in and it transpires that we get continental law instead of British law the public are entitled to turn around and say why weren’t we told about this?”

However, an article on the Telegraph has reported that an in-house think tank compiled by former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker says the European Union should set up a central intelligence agency like the US Department for Homeland Security and is behind the idea of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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