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Equal pay case to be settled by Supreme Court

13th April 2012

Birmingham City Council has been granted permission to appeal a judgement made by the Court of Appeal (CoA), meaning that the Supreme Court will now have the final say on a major equal pay case.

The announcement of the new hearing, which is expected to take place on 11th July, has given unexpected hope to the 174 women who were previously told that they had missed the deadline for launching Employment Tribunal proceedings.

The case stems from a row surrounding bonuses that were allegedly paid by Birmingham City Council to staff working in traditionally male-dominated jobs like refuse collection, street cleaning, and grave digging. The women who made the discrimination complaint - and work as cooks, catering staff, cleaners and care staff – are claiming compensation.

Those in solicitor jobs representing the women successfully countered the Council’s claim that the High Court did not have the jurisdiction to rule on the matter and that it should have been heard by an Employment Tribunal.