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Elton John loses Times libel claim case

23rd October 2012

Sir Elton John’s legal team has come up short in its attempt to extract damages from The Times newspaper, after a senior judge ruled that the singer’s claims an article which mentioned him had been libellous were incorrect.

Both sides called on the help of lawyers with some of the top solicitor jobs in London to argue their points, but Tugendhat LJ eventually decided that the main barrister representing The Times was right in his assertion that the piece was neither inaccurate nor unfair.

The case stems from an article which appeared in June this year concerning tax avoidance schemes which were allegedly operated by John’s former accountant, and the multi-million album selling music star took exception to the piece, partly because the story that ran also featured a photograph of him.

However, the judge agreed with The Times’ legal team, confirming their belief that simply mentioning John in the article did not amount to being defamatory towards him or implying that he was involved in any illegal activity himself.