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Dutch royal family to officially add new member after legal dispute

16th January 2018

Dutch Royalty

The son of a Dutch prince has won a legal battle allowing him to be granted a royal title.

Hugo Klynstra, aged 21, will soon receive the title of Royal Highness Prince Carlos Hugo Roderik Sybren de Bourbon de Parme after a three year legal dispute came to an end between him and his father, Prince Carlos.

Prince Carlos is a cousin to King Willem-Alexander and a nephew to the king’s mother, Queen Beatrix, who abdicated from the throne back in 2013. Hugo is unquestionably of royal blood - a court order determined as much after his mother pursued the claim in 1999.

Normally a royal family receiving a new member would be a happy and joyous occasion but not so much in this case as Hugo is the product of a “no strings attached” relationship between Prince Carlos and the young man’s mother, Brigitte Klynstra – a childhood friend of Carlos.

The reason for the delay in bestowing upon Hugo his new title and formal recognition as Dutch royalty is because Carlos has insisted that he had an agreement with the mother that, following conception, there would be no family entanglement.

Hugo’s legal victory

Hugo, however, upon his 18th birthday, defied his father’s protests and made an effort to change his name to better reflect his royal lineage. Hugo has also sought to have his named registered in the High Council of Nobility.

The situation has been labelled as “a personal matter with a sad background” by Carlos but despite his resistance, the security and justice ministry ruled in Hugo’s favour in 2016. Prince Carlos filed an appeal, however a court concurred that the decision was valid.

On Monday of this week, a constitutional advisory body and the final court of appeal sat behind closed doors to put the matter to rest, dealing with Carlos’ final objections. Hugo’s new title is expected to be formally announced within six to twelve weeks.

As is plainly obvious, this isn’t your run of the mill legal dispute, but with a history as complicated and entangled as the Dutch royal family, jobs required for lawyers are bound to be abundant, and this will no doubt be quite the coup for those representing young Hugo.

Via The Guardian.


Image Credit: Ministerie van Defensie/Gerben van Es