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David Cameron announces intention to cut whiplash claims

15th February 2012

More work will be done to reduce claims for whiplash and cut the cost of premiums, according to Prime Minister David Cameron, who has said he will look to work with car insurers.

Number 10 believes there were too many “trivial claims”, referring to a statistic that reveals there are 1,500 claims a day for event the most minor accidents, calling England “the whiplash capital of Europe”.

Whiplash claims are costing the insurance industry £2 billion pounds a year, according to insurers, whilst adding £90 to the average yearly bill causing great concern for the PM as he looks to help Britons deal with the current financial crisis.

Mr Cameron said: “Government has got to help sort out the legal issues, some steps have been taken by insurance companies already in terms of referral fees, [and] there’s quite a lot of space for individual action – personal responsibility, not making false claims – so I think there’s a whole set of issues and if we work together we can actually deliver”.

The statement will affect solicitor jobs around the country as insurers look to solve a problem that seems to have become endemic.