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Court of Appeal role predicted for Gloster J

20th June 2012

It is being reported that the barrister currently in charge of the UK’s Commercial Court could be offered a role with the Court of Appeal (CoA) within the next few months.

Mrs Justice Gloster has built a fine professional reputation for herself in recent years, most recently being praised by people with high-ranking solicitor jobs across the legal spectrum for her handling of the bitter ongoing litigation case between two Russian billionaire businessmen, Boris Berezovsky and Chelsea FC chairman Roman Abramovich. Gloster J has used the battle to encourage the more prominent use of technology in helping resolve court disputes – something that has been widely supported by the law industry as a whole.

Once receiving a higher income than any other female barrister in the country, Mrs Gloster took a substantial pay cut when she was presented with her first Commercial Court post in April 2004. She was promoted to her present position in 2010.