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Confidence grows for London legal recruitment

19th February 2014

According to the latest findings, for the first time in six years there is a substantial increase in optimism across the legal recruitment sector in London. Results have found that lawyers of City firms have received inflation-beating pay rises for the first time since the banking crash, leading to increased confidence amongst solicitors looking for London legal jobs. 

The latest studies have found that legal recruitment agencies in London are expected to see a sharp increase in the number of lawyers applying for City work, as Magic Circle NQ salaries rose by 4 percent to £64,000 in 2013. While this figure is down from the sector’s peak in 2008 of £65,000, it still points to growing positivity in terms of prospects for job security and future pay rises.

Much of this sanguinity comes as a result of the economic recovery, with 89 percent of 383 City lawyers reporting that they currently felt secure in their positions. There was also a 5 percent increase recorded from 2012/13 in the number of lawyers willing to move jobs should the right position be advertised.