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Commercial claim served via Facebook

22nd February 2012

In what is thought to be a world first, a leading London-based law firm has confirmed that it will serve a defendant’s claim on his personal Facebook account.  

Permission has been granted by the High Court to use the social network to reach Fabio de Biase, as the claimant was able to identify his photograph and it has been established that the account in question is active.  

The ruling relates to a high-profile commissions dispute involving insurance broker TFS Derivatives and investment-management organisation AKO Capital. De Biase has already been fined by the Financial Services Authority for his role in the matter and the proposed defendant is now being pursued through Facebook by AKO’s representatives as he could not be traced at his registered address.

This unexpected development is sure to set a precedent and lead to an increased focus on the possibility of those in legal jobs utilising Facebook within this context.