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Clooney snubbed in arts row

15th May 2015

Amal Cloooney

She is one of the most respected and admired women in the world; not only does she hold one of the most prominent international human rights lawyer jobs in the world, but she has also turned an eternal bachelor into husband of the year. Despite all this, Amal Clooney has recently been snubbed in a decision to reclaim works of priceless art for the Greek government.

The dispute surrounds the Greek government’s attempt to reclaim the Elgin Marbles, which are currently held in the British Museum. While Greece is determined to see the statues returned to their homeland, they have snubbed advice from Clooney, who is acting with her partners for the Doughty Street Chambers in London, who were asked by the previous Greek government to weigh in on the debate.

Clooney argues that Greece should be taking the British Museum to an international court, while the Greek government are concerned over the legal fees this would accrue at a time when the country is suffering economically. The Greek culture minister, Nikos Xydakis, has described the issue in this article as “diplomatic and political”.

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