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City law firms concerned at proposed changes to solicitor training

21st September 2015

Changes are planned for the way solicitors are trained

Concerns have been raised by city law firms about planned changes to the way solicitors are trained.

Those who are working in solicitor jobs in the UK will have heard that the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority is considering a number of changes, including getting rid of the two-year training contract that solicitors currently have to complete.

However, this news has seen many city law firms raise a number of potential issues should the changes go ahead, and that they could undermine English law qualifications.

Currently solicitors have to undergo a supervised practical placement at a firm after completing their law degree. This differs from other countries like the US where people graduating from law school can become an associate lawyer immediately, as described in this article.

Now the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority is looking into standardising training. But according to a report by the Law Society, a number of Magic Circle firms believe the changes that are being looked at could adversely affect the positive perceptions about English lawyers.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Jonathan Smithers, the president of the Law Society, thinks the practical placement is a positive thing.

He added, “They come out prepared to and ready to work with experience as compared to other jurisdictions.”

Image Credit: Kzenon (Shutterstock)