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Change to law sees UK libel cases fall

16th November 2015

Libel cases in the UK fall

Research from Thomson Reuters has revealed that the number of defamation cases in the UK last year fell by approximately 30 per cent as a result of changes to the law.

The research, which was published in an article from The Times, shows that the number of reported defamation cases across the UK fell from 86 to 63.

Interestingly for those working in solicitor jobs and positions, this number is the lowest number of defamation cases in six years.

Another article from The Drum reveals that one area which saw a rise in the number of libel cases was within the social media sector. In 2013-14 there were a total of eight social media-related defamation cases, whilst last year the number rose to 11.

Legal experts and analysts have revealed that the fall in the number of libel cases is linked to the Defamation Act 2013. The act now requires claimants to show that actual or probable “serious harm” has been caused by a written or spoken statement, which is in contrast to the previous act where claimants just had to show that statements were “false and defamatory”.

Image Credit: Anneka