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Calls for in-house lawyers to improve cyber security

27th January 2014

The worldwide technology company Unisys’ general counsel has called for more in-house lawyers to get involved in their business’ cyber security policies, as this is an aspect of business that is becoming key.

Unisys GC Pavel Klimov described a firm’s legal function as “one of the key departments for a business in setting up a risk and compliance strategy”.

Klimov said it was up to individual company in-house legal jobs structures to assess the vulnerability of that particular company, and that they can achieve such goals through pushing their ideas in the boardroom. The GC explained that it is simply a case of talking to top company executives to ensure that cyber security is taken seriously so that a breach doesn’t take place.

The Unisys GC has much experience in the technology industry, as well as having trained as a Russian lawyer and then transferring to the English solicitors’ profession, according to this article; it is as a result of this experience that the Russian has a unique insight into the subject of cyber security and knows that going through in-house legal teams is the best way of addressing this issue.


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