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BT and Talktalk Have Appeal Thrown Out

7th March 2012

Two of the UK’s largest internet service providers’, BT and Talktalk, have suffered a defeat in the courts recently; as their appeal against forced copyright infringement measures was thrown out.

The ISPs point of contention was with the new Digital Economy Act, which they argued was incompatible with current EU law. The act would require ISPs to monitor illegal file sharing and send warning letters to any first time offenders and cut off any repeat offenders.

Lawyers belonging to the two firms stated that the new act could be considered an invasion of privacy and would involve price hikes for both customers and the ISPs. The courts, however, disagreed and threw the case out.

It’s unlike this is the end of the case though, as BT and Talktalk look set to take the issue to the supreme court, and with BT recently offering a number of London legal jobs, to expand their team of lawyers, they’re hoping for a more successful outcome