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Birmingham City Council defeated in equal pay dispute

25th October 2012

Birmingham City Council has been defeated in a landmark equal pay case in the Supreme Court after their appeal was dismissed by judges by a majority of three to two.

A London-based private practice which usually specialises in personal injury claims represented almost 175 female former employees of the Council, who realised after they retired that they were not given the same bonuses as their male colleagues.

The crux of the argument put forward in defence by Birmingham City Council was that the pay claims were now invalid because they should have been addressed within the first six months after the women had left their jobs through an Employment Tribunal, and that this had not been done in time.

However, those solicitors with legal jobs acting on behalf of the former carers, caterers, cleaners and cooks successfully persuaded most of the presiding judges that this case was serious enough for this technicality to be overlooked in this instance.