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Atomic Veterans case thrown out by Supreme Court

15th March 2012

A group of nine former servicemen have been unsuccessful in their damages claim against the UK government. The men, who have become known as the ‘Atomic Veterans’, were hoping to secure compensation for what they believe was illness caused by unsafe nuclear testing they were involved with in the 1950s.

The veterans, who were operating in the South Pacific when the weapons testing took place, narrowly lost their appeal by a majority of four to three, with the Supreme Court ruling that too much time had passed for the current government to be deemed answerable to the charges.  

This reasoning had been disputed by the ex-Ministry of Defence employees, who explained that they did not have firm evidence to support their claims until the publication of important medical research five years ago.

According to reports, both sides have had to call on the help of those in private lawyer jobs recently, as the case has not been eligible to receive legal aid for several years.