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Apple in-house lawyers take on the media

11th December 2014

A team of lawyers from Apple are fighting against a video testimony from Steve Jobs not to be released

Apple’s team of lawyers have made headlines once more thanks to a video testimony from Steve Jobs himself. The video has caused a media storm as major publications make a claim for the company to release the recording to the public, while Apple have fought back saying that it is of no value to the media.

Jonathan Sherman, who holds one of the corporation’s top in-house lawyer jobs, has said that the video provides no real value other than to satiate the media’s curiosity. Jobs recorded the video testimony, to be used by Apple’s lawyers in a recent lawsuit, six months prior to his death.

Since news of the video’s existence was released, media outlets The Associated Press, Bloomberg, and CNN have filed a motion to obtain the video deposition, saying that it is in the public’s interest. The news companies have stated that this is because “Steve Jobs is not your typical trial witness, and that’s what makes this a unique circumstance,” as reported in this article.

However, U.S. district court judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has said that Jobs should be given the same treatment as any other witness and the fact that his testimony comes in the form of a video is a moot point: to have any court proceedings recorded on video and shared would break the court rules.

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