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Apple and Samsung in fresh legal row

19th April 2012

Two groups of solicitors in London legal jobs will be in charge of resolving the dispute between technology giants Apple and Samsung, as the major firms were asked to oversee the latest hearing in their long-running argument.

The quarrel surrounds claims by Apple that Samsung’s Galaxy tablet system should not be allowed on the market, as it breaches the rival iPad’s Registered Community Infringement protection.

Samsung has consistently denied any wrongdoing and is now looking to secure a legal declaration of non-infringement.

So far, Apple has been the more successful party in the complex dispute, with Samsung Electronics Co’s claims that the other company’s infringement proceedings were based on groundless threats being roundly dismissed by a court.

Apple also successfully brought injunctive relief against Samsung in Germany on a competition law basis, although this action was rejected in the Netherlands.

What should be the last hearing on the matter will be held at the High Court in June.