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Alleged hacker Lauri Love will not face US trial

6th February 2018

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In October 2013, Lauri Love was arrested in Suffolk under the Computer Misuse Act, accused of breaching the security of NASA, the FBI, and other US government agencies. Yesterday, the 33-year-old student found out he will not be extradited to face trial in the US.

Love is accused of accessing and stealing thousands of personal, government staff details from various government agencies in 2012 and 2013. Due to the weight of the allegations, his trial is far from over, but Love will now face his verdict on home turf in the UK.

Yesterday Lauri Love, who lives with Asperger’s, convinced the court that he should not be extradited to US for trial due to his ‘mental make-up’. The final decision was met with joy from the packed London courtroom. Love’s father, Alexander, said: “This is a victory for justice. What makes Great Britain great is we live in a place with wisdom and compassion.”

Love's extradition success

Although American authorities have been fighting for Love to face his cyber-hacking trial in the US, this ruling means that the US government will not be leading the trial on Lauri Love. It has been deemed by the court that the mental health provisions provided within US prisons would not be satisfactory to ensure Lauri would not come to any harm.

However, this ruling does not mean Love will not be prosecuted for his actions, and he is currently awaiting a verdict from the UK courts on his case. Although an extradited trial could have excited lawyers in America, Love’s solicitors, Kaim Todner, believe an important matter about this case is that “the British Justice system has taken the stance that we should deal with the matter ourselves, rather than accept the US government’s demands”.

Love hopes this ruling will set a precedent for other cases of a similar nature in the future and can aid the courts in accommodating “people that have neuro-diversity, whose brains are made up in a slightly different way”.

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