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16th March 2016

A legal education

No matter whether you are a student about to embark on a legal career or are already a professional in the industry, everyone within the legal sector knows that law never stands still.

As legal recruitment agencies in the UK will say, it is important for lawyers and law students alike to be on top of any legal updates. New laws are introduced every year and it is vitally important for lawyers to have up-to-date skills and qualifications so that they can keep up with new legislation.

Here we introduce some of the best courses and resources that lawyers and students can use to refresh their knowledge, brush up their skills or gain extra qualifications though online courses.


infolaw has been delivering unrivalled legal information since it entered the market in 1995 as the first UK legal information service on the web. Now used by over 1,200 firms, corporate legal departments, barristers, academics, law students and even a number of law publishers, they have a fierce reputation for delivering services that cover all web-based publishing activity so that their clients can access their products and services at their leisure.

In addition to listing a comprehensive summary of resources in Lawfinder, they also offer Internet for Lawyers CPD courses. These courses are a fantastic resource for lawyers and solicitors for Continuing Professional Development – legal professionals can continue to update their skills and knowledge from the convenience of a computer. These courses from infolaw are updated annually with two online courses for lawyers and another separate course for solicitors, with each containing 5 chapters on topical subject matters that range from social media and eBusiness to web issues.


Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Oxford University Press, as a department of the University of Oxford, works to further the university’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship and education by publishing worldwide. Their legal publications are regarded amongst the best in law education, offering a comprehensive and thorough insight into matters relating to the law.

The Oxford Journal of Legal Studies is published on behalf of the Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford and focuses on matters of theory and issues arising from the relationship of law to other disciplines. The journal covers comparative and international law, the law of the European Union, legal history and philosophy, and interdisciplinary material in areas of relevance. It continues to be relevant to both law students and professionals in industry.

Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

The Law Society

The Law Society is the independent professional body for solicitors, and members of the society get a number of benefits.

The Law Society Reading Room gives solicitors a place to meet clients and colleagues in London, whilst the Law Society library is home to a number of books and resources that solicitors can use to brush up on their knowledge.

The Practice Advice Service is a support line for Law Society members and employees of law firms. It is staffed by a team of experienced solicitors who have access to a wide range of information sources and specialists across the society.

If that’s not enough, there are podcasts, webinars and videos, newsletters, community networks and discounts for products to help solicitors across the UK.


Venables is a very useful site with information on free legal resources available online.

Delia Venables, who runs the site, provides an extensive list of solicitors and barristers, with links to their websites, an A to Z of legal resources by area of law, information on free case law and current awareness, CPD, transcription services, legal software, web services, expert witnesses and much else besides. The site also has separate sections for individuals, students and companies.

Justis Publishing

Justis Publishing is a renowned publisher in the legal sector and therefore offers a great resource for those working as lawyers who want to stay in the know. As an independent electronic publisher and provider of publishing software and services, they have a number of products that can help legal professionals stay informed and well qualified.

Justis Publishing


Justis is one of the main products from Justis Publishing. This innovative legal database and information service keeps lawyers and other legal professionals in the loop.

The database covers law cases from the UK, Ireland and the EU dating back to 1163 and legislation from 1235, which is why it is used by legal practitioners and information professionals across the world.

See the below introductory video to see how Justis works.


Another Justis Publishing product is JustCite, a legal research platform detailing information on appropriate legal resources and leading authorities. This enables users to easily determine the current status of the law.


On the Justis Publishing YouTube channel users can watch an introduction video to JustCite and you can see this video below.


LexisNexis offer a range of information, products and services to help people further their legal education in the form of CPD and Legal Training, Primary Sources and Legal Research and information across a range of practice areas.

Staggeringly, more than 60,000 organisations use LexisNexis services in the UK; from top law firms to large companies and local authorities. The LexisNexis offering doesn’t stop there – their wide range of training courses has resulted in their services being used by universities.

The Future of Law blog offers readers up-to-date legal information, news and advice. Students will also benefit from the blog as there are posts on getting a job in a law firm and other related topics.

Lexis Nexis

Westlaw UK

Specialist legal publisher Sweet & Maxwell and multinational media and information firm Thomson Reuters produce Westlaw UK, one of the most widely used online legal research products.

The site offers online courses that are used by law students, Magic Circle firms and other legal professionals.

The mobile app from Westlaw UK also enables their clients to access their services on the move and at any time.

Another great site is, which offers aspiring lawyers the chance to better their legal education from the comfort of their own home.

Since 1993 the site has offered Access to Higher Education Courses. Now they have an esteemed reputation and are a fantastic choice for those looking to change career paths and embark on a legal career.

Take a look at the law and legal courses from to see what course best suits your needs. The site has courses to help you become a legal secretary, conveyancer, legal advocate and more.

Distance Learning Centre

Image Credit: infolaw, Oxford University Press, Justis Publishing, JustCite, LexisNexis.