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41 Keoghs solicitors could be looking for new jobs

31st January 2014

Insurance claims firm Keoghs could make 41 of its legal staff redundant as its counter-fraud team undergoes a restructure. The redundancies could affect a number of offices, with the company’s Coventry base set to be hit the hardest should the cuts go ahead. 

The news could see many Keoghs solicitors turning to London legal recruitment agencies for their next post; the consultation is ongoing and Keoghs has declined to comment on how many jobs they are looking to cut and how long the process will take.

The firm has said that the restructure would still see 248 jobs in its counter-fraud services division retained and that “It is regrettable that we have to lose colleagues from our business”.

In this article, a spokesperson announced that the restructure comes as the post-reforms market environment continues to be unstable and that counter-fraud requisites will change significantly in future years.

While the firm is set to cut roles in this sector, they are also looking to fill positions across other departments, with 51 vacancies in total expected to be filled.