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2012 to see rise in legal job vacancies

2nd February 2012

Those looking for London legal jobs will have been encouraged by the news that graduate law vacancies are expected to rise by over 5% in the forthcoming year. A survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters has also revealed that the legal sector is second only to investment banking in terms of highest average starting salaries, with newly qualified solicitors expected to earn a median first year wage of £37,000.

The good news has been attributed to an upturn in business across several areas of law. Industry experts have pointed to an increase in acquisitions, mergers and real estate purchases as reasons for the improved outlook.

The report has coincided, however, with news that some graduate employers have been raising concerns about the recent introduction of ‘fast track’ two-year law degrees. This is due to worries that students embarking on these courses will not have enough time to gain practical legal experience before leaving with their professional qualifications.