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How the evening went: LAW Absolute’s Head of Legal, GC and Company Secretary Networking Event


On Wednesday 14th March LAW Absolute’s In House team held their exclusive networking event for GCs, Heads of Legal and Company Secretaries at Hush’s private Sir Roger Moore room in Mayfair. The event was a great success with over 70 legal and company secretariat professionals from a vast array of industries in attendance! 

Bobbing heads checking name badges and a sea of business cards were a constant throughout the evening, with of course the welcome sight of canapes and wine in steady flow. Many clients were keen to update each other on their markets and plans moving forward in 2018, with topics such as ‘agile working,’ ‘innovation’ and unsurprisingly ‘the beast from the east’ subject of many discussions.

In particular innovation and the future of the legal world was a hot topic, with many professionals noting how the traditional legal world is starting to embrace the technological ‘uberization’ of the working environment. Terms such as ‘agile working’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ led the way into conversations on the importance of human interaction within the legal world and just how much legal work can be surrendered to the measureable algorithms of AI.

Our CEO Charlotte Butterfield honed in on these discussions when she gave a short speech on how LAW Absolute is moving away from the traditional idea of recruitment, and instead how we work in partnership with our clients as trusted advisers. In particular Charlotte drew attention to the recent addition of our Innovation Hub at our offices which we use as a space for legal and company secretariat professionals to discuss the innovators and disruptors affecting their market. This sparked a lot of interest from those in attendance and from this we have booked a number of meetings with GCs and Heads of Legal to discuss further the concepts of agile working and the lawyer of the future.

The feedback on LAW Absolute throughout the evening was resoundingly positive! Existing clients were as excited as we are about the changes LAW Absolute is making with a focus on the numerous events we have held and are planning to hold. New clients and other legal professionals noted that we are unlike any other recruitment agency in our approach- with a clear and genuine authority within the legal market. Our innovation hub was a site of huge interest throughout the evening as well as the plans we have for future events moving forward in 2018.

With this interest in mind LAW Absolute’s In-House team are collaborating with a number of GCs and Company Secretaries on what they think we should be doing in terms of events and how we can further add value for our clients. Moving forward in quarter two of 2018 our team are planning sector specific roundtable events in which  GCs and Heads of can discuss a chosen topic and collaborate with likeminded individuals in our innovation hub. If you would like to know more about our event plans for the year or are interested in the roundtable sessions/ topics mentioned in this post please do not hesitate to get in contact with our in-house consultants.

Our next blog will discuss in detail our roundtable sessions and explore more the term ‘innovation,’ and what we are doing that puts LAW Absolute at the ‘innovation frontier’ of the legal recruitment sphere.  

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